Quantity Limit
We reserve the right to limit quantity on any item for any order placed on our website at our own discretion. Certain items we may limit quantity to no more than 5 of that particular item for a single order. In particular, orders that contain excessive quantities of any single item (example 10 or more) of any item may have the quantity ordered adjusted to a lesser quantity, this means you may or may not get all 10 (as in the example). We do not place quantity limits for everything we sell however we reserve the right to do so. We do this for a number of reasons, one being to make it so more customers have a chance to purchase an item. We are not required to and will not give any explanations if your order was cut down in quantity on any item your ordered, we will simply ship the quantity that was adjusted in the order. We also reserve the right to cancel any order at our own discretion.

Order Policy
By placing an order on our website you agree to all of our terms, conditions and policies. We are not responsible for typographical errors and pricing errors. Example if you see and item that is marked at $1.00 that is obviously something we could not offer at that price (more likely its really $10.00) then this would be an example of a typographical error and we are not responsible as we are human and can and do make mistakes like anyone else. In the event we've made a mistake you will be contacted to see if you would like to keep your order at the adjusted correct price or if you would prefer to cancel.

By placing an order on our site you agree to be placed on our mailing list where we periodically send email alerts, newsletters and coupon codes. To be removed from our mailing list simply click the "unsubscribe" link contained in the email you receive from us. Please note we do not sell, share or give out any information about our customers to anyone with the exception of your address when we have to give this information to either USPS or UPS for the sole purpose of delivering your order.

Prices are subject to change without notice

Order Policy & Quantity
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